Your Healing Path

« There are things that we never want to let go off.
However, bear in mind that letting go is not the end of the world.
It is the beginning of a new life. »

Zen Teaching

 Energy Healing and Spiritual Life Coaching consists of multiple layers of healing through restorative and wisdom integrations. As client and healer, we work together with Source Energy, Angels and Beings of Light to heal and integrate your unique life force for your highest and best good. We will clean, clear and balance your chakras and spiritual body so you can feel better and live your best life. These sessions help with release pain of old wounds,energy blocks , stress, depression, anxiety, dis-ease. They are also helpful during life transitions, creative projects, awakenings, and rapid movement to higher-levels of living. Depending on individual needs sessions may include a combination of: Clairvoyant reading,Talk Therapy, Energy Work, Guided Meditations for various issues, Esoteric Crystal Therapy,Cord-Cutting, Channeling,  Teaching basic energy tools and more. 

Individual sessions or teaching over phone or in person - $ 80, with recording of a session in .mp3 format.

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